There is increasing demand worldwide from governments to private sectors for leading-edge biometric security technology. Applications for Merlinhawks' PalmSure system is widespread and includes the information technology, military and aerospace, security industry, financial/banking, police, nuclear establishments, travel and transportation, healthcare, government, along with public and private institutions. Customers have already experienced great success using the palm vein device for identification purposes in financial institutions, access control in high-security areas and customer and employee authentication.


In India, terrorism and security related problems are on the rise. Identity proof has become critical at many locations. Highly accurate identification systems are required and PalmSure fills the void. Access to highly sensitive areas can be restricted even within staff members to only those authorised.


In India, bankcard forgeries are increasing causing a loss of hundreds of millions to banks and financial institutions. Customers remain blissfully ignorant till after the damage's done. PalmSure installation eliminates forgeries. Access to safe deposit lockers by bank customers can be safely controlled without any doubts on identities. PalmSure can allow access only to authorised staff to strong rooms and sensitive storage areas. PalmSure plays a critical role in providing safety to the management.


Educational institutions can implement smart payment systems. Applications can range from mess fees to the tutoring fees. The system satisfies the need for a secure non-token or cashless system for any of an educational institution facility. The system uses pre-registered palm vein patterns from the students and staff to manage individual accounts thereby creating a cashless catering solution. The flexibility of PalmSure design means that the technology can be expanded to provide leading edge biometric access control applications to monitor truancy levels, to facilitate accurate attendance at classes, overall better time management and pilfering of cash.


Easy to use biometrics could be of value to hotels and resorts that want to protect their premises and employees; or to hotels that want to offer guests the benefits of keyless entry to their facilities.


Biometrics adds value in restricting entry to staff and authorised personnel in a highly accurate fashion. No worries about lost cards, 'borrowing' cards, false blockages or forgetting to carry one's card. Poor fingerprints, dirty hands, changed profile can be avoided with PalmSure©. Valid access all the time and zone or floor wise restrictions can be effectively implemented.


An increasing number of businesses and public sector organisations are looking towards biometric technologies for a multitude of uses. The PalmSure product is initially going to take the hassle out of dealing with cash transactions but this is only the first step in the use of this product.

Biometric solutions will increasingly allow us to move towards a cashless society. A mechanism to quickly develop a unique, flexible and highly secure biometric solution suitable for a large range of applications, PalmSure offers a scalable system that can be deployed for physical access control, computer system security as well as point of sale control.